The Sixth WMO International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones (IWTC-VI)  
Working Group Members (updated on 10 October 2006)

Topic 5:

Disaster mitigation, warning systems and societal impacts
  Name Affiliation Email address
Chaiman M C Wong Hong Kong Observatory
5.1 Evaluating the effectiveness of warning systems
  Rapporteur Woo-Jin Lee Korea Meteorological Administration
  Team Members Wenjie Dong National Climate Center of China Meteorological Administration, China
    M Alimullah Miyan South Asian Disaster Management Center (SADMC), International University of Agriculture and Technology, Bangladesh
    Rosa Perez Flood Forecasting Branch, PAGASA , Weather and Flood Forecasting Center, Philippines
    Alan Sharp

Tropical Cyclone Warning Services, Severe Weather Warning and Disaster Mitigation Services, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
    Peter J. Bowyer Canadian Hurricane Centre Peter.Bowyer@EC.GC.CA
    Charles (Chip) Guard GUAM, USA
    Thakur Prasad Director General of Meteorology(C)
Office of ADGM(R)
Shivajinagar Pune, India
    Edwin S.T. Lai Hong Kong Observatory
    J. Weyman Regional Specialized Meteorological Center Honolulu/Weather Forecast Office, Honolulu, USA
    Nobutaka Mannoji RSMC Tokyo, Japan Meteorological Agency, or
5.2. Factors contributing to human and economic losses
  Rapporteur Roger Pielke Jr University of Colorado
  Team Members Ryan Crompton Risk Frontiers - NHRC
Macquarie University, Australia
    Eberhard Faust Department of Geo Risks Research/Environmental Management Munich
    Joel Gratz Center for Science and Technology Policy Research,
University of Colorado
    Manuel Lonfat Risk Management Solutions, London
    Qian Ye Center for Capacity Building
National Center for Atmospheric Research
    S. Raghavan Indian Meteorological Society
Consultant to Indian Space Research Organisation
5.3. Mitigation strategies and community capacity building for disaster reduction
  Rapporteur Linda Anderson-Berry Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
  Team Members Jeffrey K. Lazo Weather Information Societal Impacts Program,
National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
    David King Centre for Disaster Studies,
James Cook University,
Queensland, Australia
    Mike Bergin Weather Services,
Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
    Terry Hart Disaster Mitigation and Severe Weather Services, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
    James Weyman RSMC and Weather Forecasting Office Honolulu, US NOAA National Weather Service
    Hilda Lam Hong Kong Observatory
Special focus topic
  Rapporteur Greg Holland,

Roger Lukas
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado
University of Hawaii-Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii