Severe Weather
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  SWIdget - a widget to display
severe weather warnings in real-time
SWIdget is a widget which allows users to obtain local severe weather warnings issued by official weather services. Simply install the program 'SWIdget version 2.1' below and follow the instructions to select region/city/warning according to user preference. A dialog box will pop up with an audio alarm on the user's PC when there is a change of warning status issued by the selected official weather services.

Up till now, participating members include:
Hong Kong, China;
Macao, China;
Republic of Korea;
Guam, U.S.A.;
Malaysia; and
Guangdong province of China.

Please click the following buttons to download the software, user guide and installation guide:

SWIC Gadget           User Guide           Installation Guide

NOTE: Users of SWIdget version 1.0 have to upgrade the software to version 2.1 to receive warnings from Malaysia and Guangdong province of China.

System Requirements :

1. Microsoft Windows XP or above;
2. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above.

What's New in version 2.1

1. Improve user interface for selection of warnings;
2. Add users-selectable option on whether warning notification should pop up during startup;
3. Add notification when warning are cancelled; and
4. Optimize program for better performance and fix program bug.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

If you have any suggestions, please send an email to swic_wm@worldweather.org.