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Tropical Cyclone
Advisories & Warnings
 South-East Indian
 Ocean, Arafura Sea,
 Gulf of Carpenteria,
 Coral Sea, Solomon
 Sea and Gulf of Papua
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Tropical Cyclone Names
South-East Indian Ocean, Arafura Sea, Gulf of Carpenteria, Coral Sea, Solomon Sea and Gulf of Papua
A Anika Anthony Alessia Alfred Ann
B Billy Bianca Bruce Blanche Blake
C Charlotte Carios Catherine Caleb Claudia
D Dominic Dianne Dylan Debbie Damien
E Ellie Errol Edna Ernie Esther
F Freddy Fina Fletcher Frances Ferdinand
G Gabrielle Grant Gillian Greg Gretel
H Herman Heidi Hadi Hilda Harold
I Ilsa Iggy Ita Ira Imogen
J Jasper Jasmine Jack Joyce Joshua
K Kirrily Koji Kate Kelvin Kimi
L Lincoln Lua Lam Linda Lucas
M Magda Mitchell Marcia Marcus Marian
N Neville Narelle Nathan Nora Noah
O Olga Oswald Olwyn Owen Odette
PQ Paul Peta Quang Penny Paddy
R Robyn Rusty Raquel Riley Ruby
S Sean Sandra Stan Savannah Seth
T Tasha Tim Tatiana Trevor Tiffany
UV Vince Victoria Uriah Veronica Verdun
WXYZ Zelia Zane Yvette Wallace

The name of a new tropical cyclone is usually selected from this list of names. If a named cyclone moves into the Australian region from another country's zone of responsibility, the name assigned by that other country will be retained. The names are normally chosen in sequence, when the list is exhausted, we return to the start of the list.

Port Moresby's Area of Responsibility*
List A     List B
( Standby )
Alu Nou
Buri Obaha
Dodo Paia
Emau Ranu
Fere Sabi
Hibu Tau
Ila Ume
Kama Vali
Lobu Wau
Maila Auram
* Lists A and B are used sequentially one after the other. The first name in any given year is the one immediately following the last name from the previous year.

Jakarta TCWC Area of Responsibility^
List A   List B
Anggrek Anggur
Bakung Belimbing
Cempaka Duku
Dahlia Jambu
Flamboyan Lengkeng
Kenanga Mangga
Lili Nangka
Mawar Pisang
Seroja Rambuta
Teratai Sawo
^ Jakarta TCWC - The name of a new tropical cyclone is determined by sequential cycling through List A. Standby List B is used to replace retired names in List A and any replacement will be added to the bottom of List A to maintain the alphabetical order.
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