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Tropical Cyclone
Advisories & Warnings
 South-West Pacific
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Tropical Cyclone Names
South Pacific Ocean
South Pacific Ocean
List A List B List C List D List E
Ana Arthur Atu Amos Alvin
Bina Becky Bune Bart Bela
Cody Chip Cyril Colin Cook
Dovi Denia Daphne Donna Dean
Eva Elisa Evan Ella Eden
Fili Fotu Freda Frank Florin
Gina Glen Garry Gita Garth
Hagar Hettie Haley Hali Hart
Irene Innis Ian Iris Isa
Judy Joni June Jo Julie
Kerry Ken Kofi Kala Kevin
Lola Lin Lusi Leo Louise
Mal Mick Mike Mona Moses
Nat Nisha Nute Neil Niko
Olo Oli Odile Oma Opeti
Pita Pat Pam Pami Pearl
Rae Rene Reuben Rita Rex
Sheila Sarah Solo Sarai Suki
Tam Tomas Tuni Tino Troy

Vaianu Vania Victor Vicky Vanessa
Wati Wilma Winston Wiki Wano
Xavier Yasi Yalo Yolanda Yvonne
Yani Zaka Zena Zazu Zidane

Lists A, B, C, and D are used sequentially one after the other. The first name in any given year is the one immediately following the last name from the previous year. List E is a list of replacement names if they become necessary. Wellington TCWC will name the cyclone, in consultation with RSMC Nadi, by using the next name from RSMC Nadi's list, if a tropical cyclone in the Wellington TCWC's area of responsibility, Wellington.
If you have any suggestions, please send an email to swic_wm@worldweather.org.